Golden Leaf


is inspired by a spiral of light and its rainbow lights in the sky. The main colors are red, pink, petrol, blue, orange and white. The spiral in the centre is prepared with structured paste and finished with gold metal leaves and with matt varnish. The painting shines differently depending on the incidence of light. It lightens up the room an spreads good vibes and joy.
Colors: a variety of colours, mainly in shades of red, blue, turquoise, pink, white and gold.
Materials: Acryl, structrued paste, brush and sponge techniques, gold metal leafing.
Edges painted in the same colour – no frame needed. Finished with a matt varnish top coat to protect from pollutants and offer UV filtering.
Signed in the back.
All photographs attempt to visually represent the painting as accurately as possible. There may be slight variations in colors due to differences in lighting and monitors. The pictures are taken by daylight – in artificial light the golden tone reflects and shines brighter, depending on the angle.

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