Golden Leaf

Paradise Rising

Paradise rising is inspired by cosmic waves of sunlight and their halo. The painting has a foundation of a variety of blues. I created a centre, like a planet and spirals of light transmitting out in the cosmos, which is made with gold metal leaves. Around this centre you will find soft yellow colours, green, and magenta and touches of orange, pink,and whites. The gold metal leaves reflect the light of the environment of the painting, so you will find different effects whether it is placed in sunlight, cloudy days or artificial light and also the angle of perspective changes the gold metal effect. All photos have been made with daylight. The painting shines and sparkles positive vibrations into the room.

Materials: canvas, acryl colours, brush and sponge techniques, metal leafing,
Edges painted in the same colour – no frame needed. Finished with a varnish top coat to protect from pollutants and offer UV filtering.

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