about /Isabella Dinstl

My vision is creating lightcoded energetic artwork to contribute to harmonious, peaceful and healing living environments.

I love colours, lights and their halos. Since I can remember I have been feeling their energies.

After my full-time career in various companies and corporations, I have been working independently as Management Coach, Consultant and Artist since 2007.

I have been painting and drawing with enthusiasm since I was a child. As a painter, I developed my own individual style through autoditactics. In the course of time I experimented intuitively and guided with different materials, tools and techniques. I love to create new things and to let a picture grow out of a blank canvas. My pictures arise purely intuitively from the heart and full of joy. When painting I always go with the flow and follow my intution. I connect with the energies of the stars and my spirit guides and just pick some colours and let myself be guided until each painting unfolds. They are channeled light packages and reflections of – invisible to the eye – energies from the universe, which are translated into colors and materials on canvas. Each one reflects a special energy and thus affects the viewer and the room climate. 

My pictures promote harmony, clarity and inner peace and are a wonderful decoration for living and working spaces. I am happy to paint on commission and create individual energy pictures to match your premises after getting to know each other and briefing. Contact me for details.

You may find more infos on my work as Coach and Consultant www.isabella-dinstl.com.